The BOOK series : Seamless and Satisfying Booking Experience

The BOOK series : Seamless and Satisfying Booking Experience

Let’s start this “Book” agenda a little bit differently. Different than before where Hoteliers get to be told what to do with their booking style. How to increase direct booking rate.
When it’s time to think about Booking process, in itself isn’t just a process for Hotel to increase their occupying rate. That is the main purpose we are all know. What else can a hotel booking process represented?
Question remains if this is the problem about more booking or serving your hotel personnel a more integrated software?

Hotel Booking satisfying rate for guest means Integrating Software system.

Often overlooked by smaller hotel, the need of keeping track of the former customers is crucial. You will as well learn their spending pattern. This helps your hotel business for more information in further development project or investment. This starts at first with a booking system integrates with whole other body of PMS (Property Management Software). From the first click online of your client preferences for room type even smoking option, is recorded and transferred to your database for the next time. You can greet your guest with the Garden View room he’s fond of.

Eliminate the need for filling the form for your Guest

Once your guest is here, they are exhausted. An option like mobile application check – in or online check – in is vital. This means they don’t need to spend the next 15 minutes fill out form they have already filled once with travel agency. Hence the real need for direct booking from website isn’t just about avoiding the OTAs. This is essentially a integration challenge.An integrated system eliminates the need to re-enter the same data across different systems. This saves time for guest and your front desk alike. The smooth process increases satisfaction rate for choosing your hotel the next time.

This is not just about New Guest. It’s about Seamless Booking experience

The more your guest spending time fussing over your condition for online payment or an ambiguity detail of your promotion on your website, the more likely they won’t book at all and those who stick through the whole process may start questioning your hotel competency for delivering spectacular experience even before they step on your property. This booking experience process is vital. Think of this as part of your hotel service. Avoiding false advertising that leads your next guest to book for a room without no cancellation option.
Earning new guest also depends on seamless booking experience too, once they feel your system whether it’s your new polish mobile application or your new website, communicates to them honestly about the offer for various room type and have a flexible option for their cancellation just in case they need to and taking care of their information greatly with secure payment portal. These are combination for success the rest is the minute they step on your property and confirm what they have booked for on the internet.

Above are our thoughts collecting from our years in delivering One source hospitality solution for Hotelier. We are Genex and we are happy to hear what you have to say in the comment below.

About author:
Peak is energetic and always inspired by next-gen technology. Name any upcoming trend be it Device or Software and see his flowing plan for your next exciting guest experience straightening out. With more than 20 years in Hotelier's tide, Peak knows both the whip and the soft spot of hotel's Industry. When he's not busy traveling the world and meeting with all Hoteliers friends, he likes to design Logos and dreaming about new trend of his website.

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