The BOOK Series ; All Automation you should be aware of
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It starts with Online Booking system then you widespread it to so many details to fit your marketing department. This is it The era of automation in everything you have ever imagined hotel to be.

In this The BOOK Series article, automation plays major part in the series.

Hotel have embraced the fastest and easiest way to make guest feel comfortable for centuries. After all
this is the whole point of being a hotel. In this age we need more than that, customizing to guest fast paced
life is more likely to be the hot topic and this brings us to the famous word “Automation”
At its core Automation is a way for you to manage and at the same time; welcome your guest to the world
of experience with the guest’s own preferences.


You can see the changes over the year. WiFi is not a perk but a must-have. Guests travel with devices that needs WiFi and this is not merely just a phone or their Ipad. In itself, these technology had changed the way people work live and travel

Here are 3 major automation technology that counts to your BOOKING experience from your guest point
of view.

Electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems

This sophicticated system has played much bigger role every year. From your helping hand in processing orders, bookings, special request of your guest. Now everything is even more ready for you at a touch on
single button. Cloud Based POS is not rare but a must-have if you are serious about data and improvement
in all branches of you service.

Smart appliances

It is a Zoom-In for your Hotel. Smart appliances and home and living automation in hotel make your service
cooler and no doubt would attract much more guests by word of mouth on social media. Smart Lighting, Temperature, blinds, alarms, TV, Radio and room service adjustable by mobile appication you allow your guest to download online via Play Store or Apple app atore is a nice touch. A single tablet installed in each
of your room with in-app ready also wouldn’t be a bad choice either.


Smartphones these days have many functions build in. They are not merely phone. Improve your
customer experience that leads to easy booking easy stay and easy come back to stay again is to tap into
the world of smartphone’s power. Hilton has done this by improving customer service of check in and out, select room type and room service. The dazzling part? using newest security technology that change the guest’s smartphone into their room key.

Along all of this, you may wonder of a business trip 10 years ago wouldn’t be this luxurious and now this has become almost a norm in the next year to come for hotel. We, as hotelier, have to remember that when it comes to what counts nothing has ever changed much.
Hotel would still be prefer to be looked at as home away from home and this is how Hotelier strifes for recent solutions to create perfect picture of the new reality.

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