Great Guest Experience in the Next Decade.
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The core of hospitality is the service which inspires “feeling at home”

Nowadays Feeling at home has changed. From the guest who would be delight to talk and check in with the red-lipstick front desk at your hotel to the guest who prefers robot butler and Checked In via his own device within the first 1 metre radius he reaches your hotel property and even have his room number assigned on your hotel mobile application.

If your view of hotel is just a place to sleep, that is so very old-fashioned. Speaking of that even in the old time hotel wasn’t just a room to sleep to begin with. Hotel room has changed and not at the pace of a turtle either.

As a hotelier, understanding the deep core of hospitality as well as what is needed to be in your hotel’s room for the next generation to come and predict it correctly is an ability worth to possessed.

Guest Experience with Front Desk will be less about standing in front of the desk and more about being at his fingertips.

High Tech Features

The ability to access the control panel when guest is in their room with their own device is convenient and stylish as well. In this age where half the world’s population carry their smartphone in their pocket before leaving the house is the norm. Hotel must find great way to make a gimmick of this fact.

Creating the swift feeling and spontaneity at the hand of your guests. Unique guest experience is what we are speaking about here. Guests will highly like to control everything in the room from AC temperature to TV program.

Marriott has made this happen by teaming up with Netflix in term of their in-room entertainment

As well as Hotel1000 which in each room has a heat body sensor so housekeeping staff know not to disturb the guest plus the goodies like 2 seperate 100MB super-fast lines of broadband within the hotel to connect you everywhere you want to be on the internet. Wifi is free that is for sure.

New Rule on Check-In and Check-Out time

In some hotels has already adopted the 24 hour check-in/check-out rules. This rule is simple but make much more sense there the overall standard where check out time is somewhere before noon and check in time when you need to wait couple hours after the long flight that arrived in the town early in the morning.

This new 24 hour check-in/check-out rule is simple. If you want to leave for your flight to the next town at the time of 9.00 pm of your departure date, you check-in to the hotel at the time of 9.00 pm on your arrival date or the day you first check-in with that hotel. If, however, your flight arrive early and you don’t want to wait for your room, you can check in 5.00 am in the morning and also check out at the same time on the departure date.

This rule is fair enough and allow you to have more time planning your trip without the blank socket of waiting for your room to be ready.

The Vanishing of Front-Desk

Don’t panic because this is good. As long as your front desk have less concierge job in hand, thanks to the mobile app uprising trend. This means to shift the manpower more on creating personalised experience for each guest. Remember! Guest experience is at its highest peak when guest feels he can’t get it anywhere but your hotel.

Lately, Hilton with IBM has introduced Connie as dubbed The World’s First Watson-Enabled Hotel Concierge. Connie use the cognitive computing technology platform called “Watson” and is the first use of Watson in hospitality market. Connie will greet guest and provide useful information like nearby tourist attraction, dining recommendations, hotel features and amenities.


About author:
Peak is energetic and always inspired by next-gen technology. Name any upcoming trend be it Device or Software and see his flowing plan for your next exciting guest experience straightening out. With more than 20 years in Hotelier's tide, Peak knows both the whip and the soft spot of hotel's Industry. When he's not busy traveling the world and meeting with all Hoteliers friends, he likes to design Logos and dreaming about new trend of his website.

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